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Majority of Russians Believe Putin’s Promises – Poll
Tuesday 20 March 2012 21:51

A majority of Russians consider president designate Vladimir Putin’s lavish campaign promises trustworthy, reasonable and hope he will fulfill at least part of them, a poll held by Russia’s state-run pollster VTsIOM revealed.

Putin's promises of higher wages and benefits for state workers were a key element in the campaign that won the the former president a third term in the Kremlin.

About one third of those polled, ۳۷ percent, said they believe that Putin would keep all of his promises, ۴۱ percent expect that Putin will accomplish part of them and only ۱۵ percent said the new president will fail to keep his words.

First off, Russians expect that Putin will fulfill his promises on social policies, preservation of stability in the country and an increase in soldiers', doctors' and teachers' salaries.

The overwhelming majority, ۸۱ percent, called Putin’s pledge to revive Russia’s military domination important but only ۵۰ percent of them believe this promise could be implemented by ۲۰۱۷-۲۰۲۰ as Putin said.

The survey was held on February ۲۵-۲۶ and March ۱۰-۱۱ with the participation of ۱,۶۰۰ people from ۱۳۸ residential areas.