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The role of Central Asia for Washington remains important – IWEP
Saturday 27 January 2018 11:19
The role of Central Asia for Washington remains important – IWEP
It is possible to call official visit of the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev to the USA very successful, have been noted at Institute of world economy and policy at Fund of the First President of Kazakhstan (IWEP), correspondent reported.
"The taken place personal meeting of presidents of Kazakhstan and the USA opens the new page in the history of relationship of two countries and has already brought a number of important concrete results," is considered at the institute.
First, as experts have noted, the joint political statement about a new stage of expanded strategic partnership has been adopted that means development of effective cooperation between the countries which in the current year is 26 years old.
"For Astana, Washington is one of the key partners in foreign policy and the major investor in economy. In turn, as Donald Trump has noted, America regards strong, sovereign and independent Kazakhstan as the valuable friend and the strategic partner of the USA in Central Asia," experts are sure.
According to them, the interest of Astana consists in development of contacts with the USA in a transfer of high technologies and innovative productions.
"New agreements will allow Kazakhstan to realize also the "digital" agenda in economy," have been noted in IWEP.
Secondly, Trump and Nazarbayev have confirmed intention of the USA and Kazakhstan and further in common to work in a question of strengthening of the international and regional security.
"It is about closer coordination of efforts of Kazakhstan and the USA across Afghanistan. Besides, Kazakhstan has expressed the support to efforts of the USA in the sphere of anti-terrorist fight. Leaders of the states have declared also importance of collaboration in settlement of a North Korean nuclear problem," experts noted.
Thirdly, Kazakhstan and the USA have agreed to strengthen cooperation within the regional dialogue C5+1 platform. In this regard it is possible to expect emergence of new initiatives in work of this platform.
"It is known that after arrival of new administration and the slogan "America First of All" announced by Trump in Central Asia the issue of the forthcoming decrease in interest of Washington in affairs of the region was discussed actively. However, the visit of Nazarbayev and his meeting with Trump demonstrate that the role and the place of the region remain for Washington at the high level," experts say.