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US wants to see Armenian- Turkish rapprochement process continue: State Department
Monday 2 April 2012 11:12

The State Department will continue to look movements in Armenian- Turkish rapprochement, Deputy Spokesperson Mark Toner said at the Daily Press Briefing, on March ۳۰. “Of course, those issues, those topics are a constant source of – or an issue that we discuss with Turkey and with Armenia, in fact. So we want to see the rapprochement process continue in that regard.”, - deputy spokesperson said. Toner avoided responding directly to the question on the statement of the Secretary of State, when in Armenia, she mentioned that it’s up to Turkey now to make a step towards reconciliation. (She said, “The ball is on Turkey’s side.”-Armenpress) Journalists were wondering if this is the same message that Clinton is trying to deliver to Ankara authorities as well. “You know what? Let me, frankly, take the question. I mean, I know that we continue to look for movement on this issue, but as to where it is exactly and where that ball is, let me take the question”, -Toner responded.

Question on the Armenian genocide topic or the church property issues being part of the Secretary’s discussions in Turkey remained not clarified.

Secretary Clinton will travel to Istanbul, Turkey March ۳۱-April ۱ to attend the second meeting of the “Friends of the Syrian People.” While in Istanbul, Secretary Clinton will also conduct bilateral meetings with Turkish Foreign Minister Davutoglu and other foreign leaders.