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Bosfor Vostochny bridge builders complete cable stay installation
Wednesday 28 March 2012 11:56

The builders of the bridge across the Bosfor Vostochny Strait in Vladivostok have completed the installation of the cable stayed system - the last ۴۲nd pair of cable stays having the world record length - ۵۷۹.۸۵ metres, has been fixed, the press service of the regional branch of the UKS MOST company told Itar-Tass. The installation was complicated by strong winds and snow, and lasted three days.
“The completion of the complicated works on the installation of the cable stayed system is a landmark event in the construction of the bridge on the Russky Island,” Director of the Vladivostok branch of UKS MOST Alexei Baranov said. “At present, after the stage-by-stage adjustment of the cables, we begin the process of closure of the main span that will link Vladivostok with the Russky Island.”

The installation of the bridge’s cable stayed system was launched eight months ago. The super compact cable stays were designed on a special order for the bridge to the Russky Island by France’s Freyssinet - a world leader in the installation of cable stayed systems. The total length of the cable stay pairs fixed on the bridge over the Bosfor Vostochny Strait is ۵۴ kilometres, and the length of sheathed cables - over ۲,۸۵۶ kilometres. The total weight of the cable stayed system is about ۳,۵۰۰ tonnes. For the first time the work was carried out in such difficult weather conditions: snow, winds, air temperatures dropping below ۳۰ degrees Celsius.

The cable stays are painted in blue, red and white, and with the completion of work the Russian tricolour appeared over the Bosfor Vostochny Strait at an altitude of ۳۱۷ metres.

The bridge over the Bosfor Vostochny Strait is one of the facilities being built under the program for the “development of Vladivostok as a centre for international cooperation in the Asia-Pacific region” and is to be completed for the Asia-pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum’s summit that will be held on the Russky Island this September.

The design of the bridge has been determined on the basis of two primary factors: shortest coast-to-coast distance in the bridge crossing location ۱,۴۶۰ metres. Navigable channel depth is up to ۵۰ metres.

The bridge will stretch from the Nazimov Peninsula over the Bosfor Vostochny Strait to Cape Novosilsky on the Russky Island. Its length will be ۳.۱ kilometres. The longest cable-stayed span in the world – ۱,۱۰۴ metres - will stretch between the bridge’s two ۳۲۰-metre high pylons, which will also be the highest structures of the kind in the world. It is planned to commission the bridge on July ۱.