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Monday 23 April 2012 23:16

Today’s papers give extensive front-page coverage to storms that ripped through Turkey yesterday.

Hürriyet daily newspaper reports that electric poles and trees were uprooted by the strong wind. The winds have blown off roofs and sunk fishing boats. A construction scaffold in Istanbul collapsed in the storm. Filming for ‘‘Skyfall,’’ the next movie in the James Bond series, was interrupted by the storm. The authorities had to close temporarily bridges across the Bosphorus strait. This happens for the first time in Istanbul’s history, Sabah daily newspaper notes. Air, maritime and land traffic has been interrupted. The Turkish Airlines suspended 43 international and domestic flights today, Hürriyet notes.
A member of parliament was injured when she fell in the garden of the parliament.

Sand storms caused chain traffic accidents on the road connecting Ankara and Konya. Two people were killed and 20 others were injured. A motorcyclist in Denizli died when he was blown off by the wind. Two people were seriously injured in Eskişehir.

Sabah puts the death toll at 5. The paper adds that 44 people were injured in the storms yesterday.