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China ready for development of Arctic
Saturday 27 January 2018 11:35
China ready for development of Arctic
China published a white paper on its Arctic policy Friday, pledging cooperative governance and elaborating its vision for a "Polar Silk Road", Kazinform has learned from Xinhua.
"China, as a responsible major country, is ready to cooperate with all relevant parties to seize the historic opportunity in the development of the Arctic, to address the challenges brought by the changes in the region," said the white paper issued by the State Council Information Office.
The country would like to "jointly understand, protect, develop and participate in the governance of the Arctic, and advance Arctic-related cooperation under the Belt and Road Initiative," according to the white paper.
Great importance will be placed on navigation security. The country has actively conducted studies on these routes and continuously strengthened hydrographic surveys to improve navigation, security, and logistics in the Arctic.
China also eyes development of oil, gas, mineral resources and other non-fossil energies, fishing and tourism in the region, jointly with Arctic states, while respecting the tradition and culture of Arctic residents, including indigenous peoples, and conserving the natural environment.